Scaling With Personalization

The inaugural GroceryTech event, produced by Progressive Grocer and RIS News, brings together the combined community of business & technology grocery executives on the journey to modernize their technology infrastructure to support innovation — to help grocers replicate the “small neighborhood grocery store on the corner” concept, while still operating profitably at scale.

The event’s theme, Scaling With Personalization, focuses on how grocery executives — including leadership and business implementation executives across IT, supply chain, marketing, and store operations — can build a technology infrastructure to profitably serve shoppers now and into the future.


2023 Attendees Included:

Why Attend GroceryTech?


Grocery stores are essential businesses that depend on technological innovations, which require grocers to understand and anticipate consumer behavior beyond the transactions. Grocery executives have an implied responsibility to proactively know and serve the shopper in the most personal way possible while operating profitability — and GroceryTech is the only event where that innovative spark happens.