What is Power Hour at GroceryTech?

The Power Hour is a unique, high-value benefit for our GroceryTech sponsors. During the session, one representative from your company will participate in five (5) brief 1:1 meetings with grocery and CPG brand executives. Artificial Intelligence will match you with relevant attendees based on complementary profiles, prioritized by each person’s personal preferences. Read on to understand how the session works and how to participate.

Power Hour Location Onsite: Taft

How it Works:

  • The Power Hour will take place from 2:20 PM – 3:35 PM ET on Thursday, July 13 during GroceryTech. Exact time subject to change based on agenda revisions.
  • Before the event:
    • Your company will be asked to designate one representative to participate in the Power Hour session.
    • In June, we’ll contact your designee to overview the session and explain how to complete their Power Hour profile and meeting preferences online using the GroceryTech Power Hour platform.
      • ​​​​​Your designee will complete their brief online profile.
      • They’ll return to the platform the week before GroceryTech, once all participant profiles are complete, to browse participants and indicate their meeting preferences.

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